The Modern Trapper is a wildlife, animal control and removal company. We are located in Ottawa County, Grand Haven, Michigan. Our primary service area includes the cities of Grand Haven, Holland, Zeeland, Hudsonville, Jenison and Grandville.

Wildlife Removal Philosophy:

Ottawa County has a healthy abundance of wildlife. We are committed to maintaining those healthy populations in both the wild and urban environments. However, there are times when wildlife populations become unbalanced. When that happens damage to personal property can happen.

Damage from wildlife can occur in many ways. Those include, raccoons and skunks digging up lawns in search of grub and ground hogs dig dens along house foundations. In addition, muskrats can dig up the banks of ponds and beavers can destroy trees. When this happens, contact us as soon as you notice the damage occurring to prevent further degradation.

For wildlife removal and control, we use modern trapping techniques such as live trapping. Live trapping includes the trapping and relocation of the animal. However, there are times when the damage continues and we may need deploy traditional techniques. Those techniques are humane and done in a manner so further damage does not occur.

Animal Control & Removal:

Animal removal can be tricky and should be handled by a professional. The wildlife we remove are not pets. They are wild, aggressive and can carry rabies or others types of diseases.

The wildlife we specialize in removing are fox, raccoon, ground hogs / woodchucks, skunk, opossum, beaver and muskrat in subdivisions, condominium associations, farms and urban environments.

We are licensed and regulated under permit by The Michigan Department of Natural Resources under Lone Arrow, LLC

A portion of our profits go to support efforts to protect endangered and threatened wildlife.

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